Rhythm Challenges

Last Day to Challenge

April 19th (Tuesday)

Congratulations to our  Challenge Winners!

Level 1 Winners
Katelyn Miller 
Corra Bernal 
Catelyn Howard 
Drew Damon 
Lara Lekota 
Gavin James 
Keygan Jackson 
Katherine Muniz

Level 2 Winners

Level 3 Winners

Katelyn Miller 
Corra Bernal 
Catelyn Howard  
Lara Lekota   
Katherine Muniz
Jordyn Ruiz
Bret Wellman

Challenge One

Level 1 Prize

With a total of 5 Hawk Band members: Play (ms.1 - ms. 20) of the Basic Rhythm Warm Up.

Challenge Two

Level 2 Prize

With members of the Woodwind, Brass and Percussion section: Play (ms. 21 - ms. 34)

Challenge Three

Level 3 Prize

Play the entire Basic Rhythm Warm Up with a max of 10 Hawk Band Members.

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